How To Write A Book Proposal Marketing Plan

Literary agents want to work with authors who will help sell their books.

Explaining your sales and marketing platform is a critical part of your book proposal’s marketing plan.

5 Tips to Writing Book Marketing Plans

  • Who are your target readers? Describe them.
  • Numbers matter. How many people are on your mailing list? How many Facebook friends and Twitter followers do you have? How many hits does your website get?
  • Have you done media in the past – even if it had nothing to do with a book? List your media appearances, and provide examples in print or on your website.
  • Resources impress agents and publishers. Are you willing to invest money, personnel and time into a marketing campaign?
  • Make strategic connections with organizations that share your mission and target demographic. Negotiate with them to promote your book, even something relatively simple like sending an email to their list.

If you don’t have a marketing platform, don’t give up! Start to create and build a platform, and detail your efforts in your proposal.

5 Tips to Building a Book Marketing Platform

  • Educate yourself by attending a seminar on book marketing, and write about it in your proposal.
  • Start your social media platform. Create Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter accounts and start to promote your expertise.
  • Create a professional author video that shows your on-camera abilities. Put the video on your website.
  • Research print, radio, TV and websites that you will target for publicity. List them in your plan.
  • Find one media outlet – a local newspaper, a friend’s blog – to which you can contribute a regular column. Don’t expect to be paid. Your payment will be in marketing value.

Smart Author Tip: Agents and publishers love authors who can sell books by the truck load. How can you do that? Create products to use as incentives for multiple sales. DVDs, workbooks, and teleseminars create added value to sales. Detail your plans in the marketing plan.

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